Lucky Patcher is an indispensable app for anyone knowledgeable about technology as well as with those who indulged explore and love the great features right on your phone.

Lucky Patcher allows users to remove the advertising features, garbage, troublesome or messages that appear on the phone while surfing the web or playing a game ...
The catch is that we put forward this article to help you avoid this unnecessary nuisance.



Lucky Patcher how to use:

- Download Lucky Patcher machine

- Set Lucky Patcher open up finish will get a list of the software in the machine, depending on the application and the ability of Lucky Patcher name applications will have different colors:

+ Green: License Verification applications, the success rate is very high Patch, hold im then select "Remove License Verification"

+ Gold: Use a separate Patch package, hold still and select Custom Patch

+ Cyan Green: apps have ads Google Ads, hold im then select "Remove Google Ads"

+ Red: can not have nothing to Patch or Patch

+ Purple: Applications in the startup list

+ Orange: application system, use caution when handling these applications

Wish everyone happy and enjoy the exciting features on của phone!

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