Hello everyone, today I will teach you how to hack IAP (In-App Purchase _ Buy with real money in-game currency) for some game Lucky Patcher Android using the tool, can be used offline instead of Freedom and did not commit an error. Lucky Patcher tool very good support for the IAP hacking because there are more advantages such as Freedom: Faster - Easier - More convenient.

* Requires need:
- Install the latest Lucky Patcher.
- Machine Android has root.
- An Android game with IAP to hack (Example: Fishing Diary).





- First you see the game in the game look somewhat IAP hack it? (Buy currency in the game with real money).
- For example, here's part of the game Fishing Diary IAP.
- Conduct exit the game, to find Lucky Patcher game hack for IAP and click the "Open Menu of the patch".
- A new menu appears, choose "support patch for InApp and competitive LVL" .A further options panel appears, you leave it and click Apply.
- Wait for the patch is finished and the report as shown below (green line 1 or above) is successful! Now click on the "Launch" to enter the game only.
- When entering the game, you click on the IAP and start buying cash only. When clicking the buy money you will see a table appear Lucky Patcher. You click "Yes" is given.
- If successful, the money will jump up (I bought 2500 cockle) .To off the table as step 8 is displayed each time buying money, you can simply click the "Buy repeat automatically with the current setting" is being . Now simply click on the up money, not existing any more table options.

Wish everyone happy and enjoy the exciting features on của phone!

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