Lucky Patcher is a software application that will help you not feel uncomfortable with the ads in the game again. Lucky Patcher app also unlocking software applications and games begin purchasing copyrights of Android rather professional, almost cracked the latest apps and games like that with just one touch of lightness.

Lucky Patcher is a great tool with the following features:

- Lucky Patcher Android has the ability to remove the ads in the app's Android nuisance.

- Remove the check from the copyright Android app with the latest Lucky Patcher.

- Modify application Rights (Permissions).

- Eliminate test applications copyright (license verification)

- Install the Google Play Mod (Google Play Store Install modded)

- Clear Dalvik-cache

- Create mod application .apk

- Backup Applications

lucky patcher


Manual Lucky Patcher

- ROOT machine

- Set Lucky Patcher open up finish will get a list of the software in the machine, depending on the application and the ability of Lucky Patcher name applications will have different colors:

- Green: License Verification applications, the success rate is very high Patch, hold im then select "Remove License Verification"

- Gold: Use a separate Patch package, hold still and select Custom Patch

- Blue cyan: advertising applications of Google Ads, click kept and then select "Remove Google Ads"

- Red: can not have nothing to Patch or Patch

- Purple: Applications in the startup list

- Orange: application system, use caution when handling these applications

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